"I made it through fine"

Name: Jay 35, (männlich)
Kategorie: Kat. A (über 25kW)
Strassenverkehrsamt: Prüfstelle Zürich Uetliberg (Kanton ZH)
Prüfungsergebnis: Bestanden am 10.09.2019 beim 1. Versuch nach 2 Fahrstunden
Experte: Herr Steiner
Fairness des Experten: 6 von 6

I was quite nervous for the Manöver worried of doing something silly and wasting the whole test. The guy before me did put the foot on the ground twice in Spurgasse and Versetzer Slalom so that looked like a disaster and made me even more nervous but then luckily I made it through fine.We then had to the Notbremse exercise and then started our ride out. Everything quite uneventful as I passed but some useful feedback from the other person taking the test with me who failed: Watch out for trucks hiding the view of pedestrian crossings. If you don't have a good view on the sidewalk you should slow down enough to make sure you can stop in case someone is coming to cross the street.The expert was really nice and friendly I found, and gave good actionable feedback after the test.A few weeks before the test I did a Probe-Prüfung at DC-Zurich and I would highly recommend that. It helped me to get feedback and exercise before the real test. I definitely wouldn't have passed if I took the test directly.

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