"rigorous and repetitive driving and coaching"

Name: Sangeeta Gupta Nair 50, (weiblich)
Kategorie: Kat. B (Auto)
Strassenverkehrsamt: Prüfstelle Bülach (Kanton ZH)
Prüfungsergebnis: Bestanden am 25.07.2016 beim 1. Versuch nach 1 Fahrstunden
Fairness des Experten: 6 von 6
Fahrlehrer: FAHRSCHULE ESSBACH in Zürich
Sangeeta Gupta Nair

I had to drive through the forest, motorway, village narrow roads with several right of ways, roundabout, hill climb.

The expert was very fair and explained the areas I need to be more careful.
Given that I have been driving in India for several years- It was a bit challenging to transition to opposite side of the road driving and steering wheel- but it was the rigorous and repetitive driving and the coaching that was of tremendous assistance. I would keep getting confused with the indicator and windscreen wiper!!!!!!!!

I was a bit nervous before the test but the Expert was very calm and it helped me relax. The training school gave me a lot of driving experience in the complicated manouvres and therefore I did not have any great trouble

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