"Trotz ein paar Fehlern geschafft"

Name: Yan (weiblich)
Kategorie: Kat. B (Auto)
Strassenverkehrsamt: Prüfstelle Zürich Uetliberg (Kanton ZH)
Prüfungsergebnis: Bestanden am 09.08.2018 beim 1. Versuch nach 37 Fahrstunden
Experte: Fröhlich
Fairness des Experten: 6 von 6

The Expert was Mr. Fröhlich, he was super friendly and calm, and gave me a positive feeling at the beginning (THANK YOU!!!). We chatted a little bit about holiday, how long I have been working in Switzerland etc.

Then we went to Adliswil (normal street), drove in some 30 Zones there. I had to park sideways (which didn't went so well...had to correct twice... sorry) then I needed to do a U-turn (this was barely ok). Then we drove to Thawil through normal street (50 zone). (Once I turned on the flash too late... sorry again) Then we went to Autobahn from Thawil back to Brunau (the entrance of Autobahn from Thawil has no speed limit which means it's 120 KM...), then we went back to an area near Binz (I checked carefully at Manessaplatz which is right over left. At railway crossing I turned the Motor down while waiting), and then we went back to our starting point.

So... although I made a few mistakes (plus I'm nervous), I made it!!! :D So you don't have to be 100% correct in every detail. But I think the most important thing is that you are trying your best, (and be 95% correct). Good Luck!

Schwierige Stellen:

» Moosgartenweg 11

Autobahn Entrance without speed limit

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