Der Schweizer Fahrlehrervergleich, Wetzikon ZH

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Evelyne Vogt

8620 Wetzikon ZH
SMS:SMS an Fahrlehrer senden
Preise für Auto: ab 90 im Abo
Fahrstunden ab CHF 90
Auto:ab 90 im Abo
Lektionsdauer:50 Minuten
Weitere Informationen: Ausbildungsgebiet: Zür...
Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch
Autotyp:Suzuki Vitara 1,4 T 4x4
Administration:CHF 120.- (pauschal)

Ausbildungsgebiet: Zürcher Oberland, Uster bis Rüti
Treffpunkte ab Bahnhöfe oder nach Vereinbarung.
Gehöre zu den Fahrlehrern, die mit Freude ausbilden. Respekt, Geduld und Humor gehören dazu.

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Datum 11.12.2018

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"I started driving with Evelyn after only having a 1 lessons and then decided to go with her throughout I was very nervous to begin with but she made me feel comfortable from my first lesson. She let me get behind the wheel straight away and gave me the confidence and skills to be comfortable driving through her patient method of teaching and her skills at explaining situations and procedures on the road. With the areas in which I needed more practice (roundabouts!speed!sign!etc) we focused on these to ensure I was ready. Evelyn was very good at explaining how I could improve and ensured I was able to apply the tips she was giving me to become a better driver and in many situation would ask me what would have been the right decisions.Apart from learning to drive and passing the test I also had a really great time with her, she has the patience of a saint but will tell you off when you need it too, which in my opinion is great! If you are looking for an instructor who will teach you well, but also treat you with respect and have a giggle with you, I am pleased to recommend to everyone Evelyn she is a really lovely lady and I would thoroughly recommend learning to drive with her!

Datum 16.11.2018

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Lässigi Fahrlehrerin

Datum 30.10.2018

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Evelyne kann ich nur weiterempfehlen! Dank ihrer super Unterstützung konnte ich gut meine Prüfung bestehen. Sie ist sehr geduldig, freundliche und sympathisch. So eine kann man nicht überal finden:) An Deiner Stelle würde ich grade mit ihr einen Termin abmachen!.

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