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Verkehrsschule Zug

Bujar Bekiri

Baarerstrasse 19
6300 Zug

Natel:079 832 24 11
Preise für Auto: 102.-, Auto Automat: 102.-, Verkehrskunde: 2...
Fahrstunden ab CHF 102
Auto Automat:102.-
Lektionsdauer:50 Minuten
Kurse ab CHF 260
Weitere Informationen: Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch...
Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch, Albanisch
Autotyp:Golf GTD
Administration:CHF 90.- (pauschal)

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Datum 17.06.2019

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Mr. Bujar is a reeeeeally nice and responsible English instructor. I live in Canton Schwyz and all instructors there only speak German. That makes me headache and so nervous. Mr Bujar just taught me in two weeks and successfully helped me to pass the exam. I think there are two points really helped me. One is that he let me make mistakes and gave me more confident. Another one is that he showed me what’s exactly important in the exam and what is the driving culture in Switzerland. Although I don’t have the test in Zug, the general rules can be used in everywhere. Really really the best choice. Just try then you will see.

Datum 14.05.2019

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Bujar’s dedication and enthusiasm to teach is inspiring. He brought a friendly and empathetic atmosphere into all the lessons I was excited to have with him, allowing me to feel comfortable making mistakes that we would go on to fix. His adaptable way of teaching to best suit my learning style and his honest and upfront critique helped to eliminate mistakes before they become habits - From the first lesson I had with him, to the anxious wait with him at the test centre before my test, he was always pushing me to try my best. This would prove to be invaluable as I would not have passed my license first time without him!

Datum 12.03.2019

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Ich konnte mich lange nicht für einen Fahrlehrer entscheiden. Ich bin mit vielen in Kontakt getretten, aber mir fehlte der professionelle Umgang. Bujar war mir von Anfang an sehr symphatisch & ich hatte keine Probleme das Gelertne schnell zu routinieren. Ich hätte mir keinen besseren Fahrlehrer wünschen können.

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