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Driving in Switzerland is very different from Thailand

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"Driving in Switzerland is very different from Thailand"

Name: Walaya 44, (weiblich)
Kategorie: Kat. B (Auto)
Strassenverkehrsamt: Prüfstelle Schwyz (Stva) (Kanton SZ)
Prüfungsergebnis: Bestanden am 01.01.1970 beim 1. Versuch nach 16 Fahrstunden
Fairness des Experten: 6 von 6
Fahrlehrer: Fahrschule iDrive GmbH in Küssnacht am Rigi

I submitted my driving license from Thailand, which I have driving experience more than 15 years. I only needed to take driving exam. Driving in Switzerland is very different from Thailand, therefore I took driving lessons from ldrive for 16 hours before the exam.

My driving exam started at 7:30 am. My German is not so good, therefore the examiner asked if it is fine that he said only Link, Rechts and gerade ( thank you very much). At the starting point, I checked all mirrors left, right and back if there was anyone around, then I started driving the car and stopped at the stop line at the main street (don't forget to check if there is any one may come from the street on the right side). I checked cars, bike on left and right at the main street by looking at the mirror opposite me at the street) several times, however when I moved out to the middle of the street, there was a car came from the right side that I didn't see. I stopped ( a bit shock), examiner told me to continue driving.

I drove on the main road to Steinen. I wasn't familiar with this exit which is a bit short. After I checked mirrors and turning over shoulder, I almost missed the Steinen exit, lucky that I could leave the exit before I stepped on the solid line. Then we drove a long field, having an emergency break, driving on mountain street, passing railway, driving through a small villages in Steinen (Mythos teacher had told me to drive a bit slowly in this area because street in this village is narrow, sometime it's hard to see people who are crossing the zebra crossing.)

Then we drove to Goldau. I needed to take care some complicated road (narrow, valley), Rechts vor Links, and people who may cross the road.At zebra crossing, there were a lot of teenage boys standing nearby, therefore I stopped in case any of them may cross the road, which some did ( good decision). Then we drove on highway from Goldau to Brunnen. I planned to overtake one car in front, therefore I started checking mirrors and looked over shoulder on the left side, then I saw a car was overtaking me on the left side. I waited until that car was away, then I started to overtake.

At Brunnen we drove to the double ring cirle. The examiner told me to leave at the second exit. He even pointed me to use the left lens (inner ring), which I have already known from my teacher. Then he told me to find the way back to Schwyz. I looked at the sign. We drove back to Schwyz passed the cycle in the city, using the first exit, passed the stone street in front of the church, turned left to the direction of the transport centre.

At the transport centre, he asked me to park the car (backward parking) and followed him inside. While parking, I could show him to make the wheel straight by turnig my wheel on the right side until the end, then turned back on the left side for 1.5 round- parking technic from my teacher. He also told me before he left that I have positive result. When I left the car, I checked if the lights were off and the car was locked. Lucky that I took care these last steps, because where I parked the car there was a big window which the examiner was standing behind and watching at me.

Yes, I passed the exam at the first try.

Schwierige Stellen:

» Gätzlistrasse 2

Double Ring circle, it is important to learn which Len and which exit we need, and when we should start to give blinking signal before leaving the exit.

» Hasliweg 15

This exit to Steinen is a bit short. Do not control watching around too long until almost stepped on solid line like me.

» Mühlegasse 2

Streets in Steinen are relatively small and hard to see the situation clearly, please drive slowly.

» Blockweg 1

There are a lot of Recht vor Link streets, please take care.

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